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At Actus Law Droit, we have seen what can happen when people die without a will or with one that is outdated. Even if you have one, wills need updating from time to time after major life events, such as the birth of a child, divorce, cohabitation, acquisition or start-up of a business, etc.

The negative consequences of improper estate planning can be devastating. No one likes to talk about dying, but planning for it is the responsible thing to do. Wills can avoid a lot of heartache, confusion and expense for your loved ones. For your peace of mind and for the peace of mind of those around you, our experienced team at Actus Law Droit will work with you to prepare the legal documents required in the eventuality of your death (a will) or in the event you are unable to handle your affairs (a power of attorney). 

There are many myths surrounding wills and estates. Did you know that getting married automatically revokes your previous will? Also, did you know that getting divorced does not revoke your previous will? Your former spouse may still inherit your estate even if those are not your wishes – unless you update your will.

One of the most common and troubling myths we deal with is the belief that a common-law relationship is equal to a married couple. It is not – a common-law spouse has no rights to the estate of his or her deceased spouse – and that is why wills are absolutely crucial for unmarried couples living together in common-law relationships. 

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