Litigation & Conflict Resolution

We deal in all areas of litigation, including:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Insurance and Personal Injury
  • Employment
  • Administrative Law
  • Construction Litigation
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Our experienced litigation and conflict resolution team at Actus Law Droit helps individuals and companies resolve disputes every day. We have significant experience in ways to come to mutually agreed-upon terms for our clients, including alternate dispute resolutions and mediation. As a last resort, our experienced trial lawyers will go to court – but only if necessary. 

Since many litigation cases often involve other areas of specialty, we will call upon our colleagues in the firm specializing in other areas of the law for their advice in order to ensure that your matter is dealt with in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner. No client is too small or too large. 

We work closely with our clients to set expectations, including budget. We are here to help fix problems. Our goal is to help our clients avoid conflict in the first place, whenever possible.

We act as advisors to our clients and will strategize with you to resolve your issue. No two issues are identical; but we are often able to draw on similar cases we’ve dealt with in the past and apply that experience to your situation in a custom-tailored and cost-effective manner.

Litigation & Conflict Resolution Lawyers