Custody and Access

During a separation or divorce, children are often the biggest concern for couples. As such, custody and access issues are frequently at the core of family disputes.

Custody relates to having the care and control of a child and the authority to make the major decisions affecting the welfare of the child, such as education, religion and health. The law in New Brunswick recognizes that children are in the joint custody of both parents until that is changed by a court order or written agreement. Types of custody include joint legal custody, sole custody, shared custody and split custody.

Access relates to the right of a child and a non-custodial parent to spend time together, which can include various types of schedules.

Issues of custody and access are often emotional, high-conflict and complicated to resolve. The lawyers at Actus Law Droit have the expertise to assist you in understanding your rights and obligations, and will help you achieve a resolution that is the best interest of your children.

Custody and Access Lawyers